Thursday, March 7, 2013

Starting over

Latest update: my friend dolphinella has suggested a new name for the Dress Jungle blog, which (surprisingly!) was still available for obtaining an URL at Blogspot! So I took a chance and reserved it. Thus, in the nearest future, as soon as I've won the fight against all settings, I will move to "The wardrobe is not enough" blog!

The paradigm for this new name was of course the well-known Bond movie "The world is not enough". We decided it is quite suitable for my blog as it stands for both typical situations when your wardrobe (t.i. your closet) is not enough for your stuff and when your wardrobe (t.i. your clothes) is not enough for your needs ;)

On top of this, the "wardrobe is not enough" can also be interpreted as a fact that just a wardrobe (whichever meaning) is not enough for your life. Which resembles the vast variety of things I am interested in and which may appear as "off-topics" among the usual fashion stuff.