Monday, December 3, 2012

Recommended: Gliss Kur conditioner

To put it straight: I am not the one who believes any of cosmetic products will work a miracle for my face, body or hair. I always have that sceptical smile on my face while reading the announcement on all those "magical" bottles and tubes, promising my lashes would become million times thicker (ha! you don't have to be an expert in maths to approximately calculate how many lashes would it make if it was true!)

However after seeing my hair-dresser last time, I did follow her advice and purchsed this Gliss Kur conditioner from Scwarzkopf; despite the fact it states "total repair for dry, damaged hair", which is actually not my case.

First of all, because the price was more than afforadable (currently 3,- Eur in Drogas), which is a unique case (usually all the recommendations I get from the hair-dressers start from 10,- Eur)! Secondly, it is a leave-in spray, which makes the life easier and allows to save water on washing the ordinary conditioner out ;) Third thing, it promised "extra easy combability" - the effect I desired.

To my biggest surprise, this stuff really does the trick: it makes my hair silky, thus easily combable and the hair feels very soft without becoming fluffy! In addition to that, its fragrance reminds me that of Marina de Bourbon's perfume "Ambre Vert", which was my favourite like 7 years ago and as discontinued shortly after ;)


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