Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Given a chance to grab the last pair of these very statement earrings I didn't hesitate to order those... ah yeah, and those lilac ones too :)

From the very first second I saw these earrings I doubted the fact I could ever wear those, as naturally I expected all that razzle-dazzle to weight  like... well, a lot...
And the parcel I received from ASOS the other day proved I was 100% right!

In fact, both pairs were so heavy I couldn't last longer than 60 seconds I guess. My earlobes stetched twice and it was even hard to turn my head.

Just wondering could these be ever put on for any other occasion except a quick photoshoot?!...

Otherwise very eye-catching spotlight earrings!
If you believe you can handle it, I mean... I will be soon returning these back ;)

images from asos.com

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