Friday, January 25, 2013

Another "Hermès" bag

... By saying I've managed to spend my holiday without buying a single thing... well, I didn't mean I came home with the empty hands... But as my vacation destination was Morocco, and this little sin I am about to confess happened on my way back in Brussels, it doesn't particulary count, does it? ;)

Anyway, we were strolling along the streets of a nice residential part of Bussells, built at the the laste decade of 19th century, when we spotted a second-hand shop on the corner. We decided to come in and have some fun looking, especially cause it was a chilly outside ;)

So I ended up purchasing this aaamazing bag! I really don't care it is not Hermès; neither is it a genuine leather... To me it is a real gem! Classy vintage bag of a fine quality in eternal navy colour with gold details... Wanna hear the best part? 5,- Euro price! I would have paid much more!

 Ah yeah, could not resist this cream/gold vintage necklace either... Look at that clasp!

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