Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hi there! After more than a month's break I am back to my blog and hoping that in 2013 we'll become even more close ;)

I spent this New Year's Eve in the most unusual way: with Berber peopler in Sahara desert, African starry sky above me and the Latvian Christmas tree by my side :) So I really hope the rest of this year would be as exciting as its beginning was!

During my 3 weeks trip, which was quite Sparta-style in terms of conditions, there was basicaly no room for fashion, as the clothes I wore were entirely about functionality (although I was quite selective picking up my rafting outfit ;)

And due to the fact I am not quite attracted by ethnic garments and jewellery, I suceeded not to buy a single thing* during the whole journey. After my comeback I spent 10 days on a sick leave, staying home without even internet connection... So now I am finally "operational" again and can't wait to head to the shopping mall in the evening!

*terms and conditions apply ;)

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