Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Plum pants

Yesterday I finally got my hands on this top I had been watching since last autumn.
I understand that even the reduced price of 20 lvl/ 30 eur was high for its questionable quality, but let's say I was blinded by its brightness ;)

I came to Monton on purpose to buy that top, but spontaneously bought the pants too.
These are high waist tousers; "tulip" style at the hips and slim calfs; with black atlas ribbon. The sophisticated colour of the fabric comes from the tiny black and plum purple checks.
The composition of fabric is 70% polyester with 25% viscose.
Great choice for "business casual"!

Pictures from montonfashion.com

Because these were the last pair, the price was reduced as low as 10 lvl/15 eur. So I had to squeeze into size 34, which surprisingly I did quite well ;)

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