Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bik Bok

Whilst searching for a Y2013 organizer yesterday, I dropped in a few shops I usually don't go to; Bik Bok amongst those.

I still percieve Bik Bok as a "fashion dream destination" for teenage girls, as it was one of the first mass-market clothes' brands coming to Latvia at the end of the 90's. At the time I was around 15, Bik Bok labeled piece was something veeery cool.

I remember coming to Bik Bok with my classmates and dreaming we could have all these clothes; and the grey beaded top at the price of appr. 45,- Eur I dared to ask my parents about, but never got; and the parrot-embroidered top the stylish chick from another class wore; and the brown velvet pants I got from my parents for Christmas; and each single piece I purchased from Bik Bok after my first working summer...

Scanned picture of me wearing BikBok top & trousers in 2002 :D

So yesterday I got the same impression: inexpensive "glam rock" clothes for younger girls...

However I did spot one seductive 'tight corset-puffy skirt" dress in navy-bright floral pattern, which in fact looked so chic on, I decided that although I don't need it, for the price of 19,- Eur I should have it! (Well, if only I manage to find my size in some other shop, huh...)


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